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How Do I Get Wheelchair Assistance At American Airlines?

With great enthusiasm and anticipation, you are planning to set out on an adventure with American Airlines. However, you have a special need—assistance with a wheelchair. The airline is committed to making travel for customers with disabilities simple and comfortable, and it is aware of your needs. To make sure your travel is as easy as possible, follow the instructions below to request wheelchair assistance from American Airlines.

How To Request A Wheelchair Assistance?

In order to request a wheelchair during your flight reservation, simply refer to the instructions below.

● Visit the official webpage.

● Make a reservation for your ticket.

● Locate the part where you can add specific assistance.

● Choose the wheelchair assistance option.

● Complete your reservation by including the required details.

How To Arrange A Wheelchair At The Airport American Airlines?

Those wishing to purchase a wheelchair for travel should be aware of the following requirements and recommendations.

● Wheelchairs may need to be of varied different kinds depending on the kind of assistance needed. When requesting for special assistance, passengers can be specific about what they need.

● Regarding special assistance and disabilities, AA has a transparent policy. One of the requirements of this policy is that passengers must let the airlines know during the reservation process if they will be bringing their own wheelchairs or if they would prefer to have one provided by the airline.

● The airline asks for verification of the need for a wheelchair in order to guarantee adherence to their policy. The date of the flight should not have been more than a year ago for these documents. The documentation must be presented by the passengers at least 48 hours before takeoff. An hour prior to the planned check-in time, the paperwork must be approved.

● The Airlines has a section set up in each cabin to store one wheelchair. But take into consideration that this storage area is first come, first served. For this reason, it is strongly advised to book flights in advance in order to guarantee availability.

How to call American Airlines for Special Assistance?

You can speak with the american airline's team directly by phone at +1(800) 237-7976, after which you must choose your preferred language and follow the IVR instructions provided below if you have any queries or would want to make special travel arrangements.

● To make the bookings, press 1.

● To cancel the reservations, press 2

● To obtain the reimbursement, press 3.

● For luggage-related issues, press 4.

● To learn more about miles, press 5.

● To request the special assistance, press 6

● To return to the menu, press 9.

After picking an appropriate option and speaking with a representative, you can request any particular assistance you need from the airline.


Making a wheelchair assistance request with American Airlines is a simple process. You can reach your destination in comfort due to this simple approach.