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How do I speak to Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines provides its customers with first-rate services. The services include one of the top in-flight entertainment systems, delectable meals, and refreshing beverages. When you book your airline ticket online, you are required to continue with any unforeseen changes to your itinerary, such as changing the date or destination, or our current reservation must be canceled, and a new one must be made.

Therefore, contacting customer support will be the best course of action for you to pursue in those circumstances. As a result, in the section below, you can learn different ways to get in touch with the airline and how to speak with them.

Procedure to call Turkish Airlines representative:

You must dial the Turkish Airlines phone number in order to make a call effectively, and there are a number of instructions you must follow in the section below.

  • Visit the official airline’s website
  • Now dial +1-800-874-8875 and adhere to the IVR prompts.
  • Press 1 to choose the language
  • Press 2: for other queries
  • Press 3: For obtaining ticket information
  • Press 4: for speaking to a customer service representative

Therefore, following a few minutes of holding after selecting the IVR option four on your phone, you will be connected to a professional. Once connected, you can talk to a live representative of the airline to discuss your concerns.

Additional ways to reach customer service representatives

As an alternative to calling the Turkish Airlines customer service phone number, there are other ways to contact the airline in question. The airline has also offered the following alternatives as well:

Live Chat: An executive will be joined by the virtual assistant on the live chat screen. As a result, in order to activate this option, you must do a few simple procedures, which are listed below for your convenience.

  • Visit the airline's official website.
  • Tap the Contact Us section after that.
  • You can chat with them by clicking on the conversation option
  • You must then type your question into the chat section there, and a professional will promptly respond with an appropriate response

Email Support: To communicate with the airline, customers can use an email service. They can enter in their issues and receive responses to their queries within 24 hours.

  • Go to the airline's website first.
  • Then Select the Contact Us link
  • Now tab on the email option
  • Following that, the screen will display the email window
  • Further, you enter all your queries including the ticket information, and send it.

The airline will respond to your queries with an appropriate solution as soon as possible.

How to get hold of Turkish Airlines?

If you need extra time to make the reservation, you can obtain hold-on tickets. You can "hold the price" and purchase your ticket later if you find the right flight at the right price. When you hold the price, the ticket price will be fixed for a predetermined time, after which you can travel for a profit and get your hold fees reimbursed. To obtain it, you can adhere to the steps below:

  • After choosing your flight, click the "Hold price" button and enter the passenger's information.
  • Pick the cheapest ‘hold the price’ offer.
  • To pay the hold price, enter your payment card information.
  • You can purchase tickets with a price hold by visiting the "My reservation" section of your account and then selecting the "pay & fly" option to complete your transaction.
  • The process of the price hold is now completed.

This is how to easily hold a flight ticket with an airline.


Therefore, the methods listed above are some useful and appropriate ways for you to reach out and speak with service representatives. Since the Turkish Airlines call center is open 24/7, you will receive prompt assistance from the corresponding representative.