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What is The Cheapest Time To Fly To Australia?

You must make your reservation at low prices if you are organizing a holiday or vacation to Australia. You can reserve a flight with Qantas as they offer excellent services and amenities at lower prices. For the biggest savings, you can book your ticket on specific days. There are additional ways for you to purchase a cheap ticket. To find out when to fly on Qantas for the least expensive price, follow the guidelines provided:

Most affordable methods to book a flight with Qantas Airways:

There are several ways to find inexpensive flights. You can use the guidelines below to reserve a flight with Qantas Airways:

  • Booking: To get a cheap Qantas flight, you can purchase your ticket two to three months in advance. A discount can be obtained by making a reservation in advance.
  • Compare fares of airlines: Before purchasing a ticket, you can compare airline prices. When you compare prices, your chances of finding the lowest ticket increase.
  • Low-calendar hack: To receive the biggest savings, you can also schedule your flight using a cheap calendar hack. You can purchase your ticket eight to ten months in advance using a low-fare calendar hack. Through a low-calendar hack, there are more opportunities to find a cheap ticket than through a reservation.
  • During a specific season, most airlines, including Qantas, also reduce their fare costs. The majority of people choose to travel during a particular season when the weather is most favorable for travel, with low temperatures and humidity. To boost demand, Qantas also decreased its prices.

Which Month is The Lowest Airfare?

You can get the lowest airfare to Australia during the off-season, which lasts from May 1 through the first week in June and again from roughly the third week in July through the third week of September.

If you're seeking the most affordable airfares when booking a trip to Australia, this is the time to go.

How often does Qantas have sales?

There isn't a scheduled sale offered by Qantas. It still offers frequent offers, though. The airline often offers a domestic or international sale once a month, known as Fly Away Sales and Red Tail Sales, respectively.

In addition, they regularly offer discounts on occasions like Boxing Day, Black Friday, and the end of the fiscal year (late June).

What is the cheapest day of the week to fly to Australia?

  • Typically, Tuesdays are the days with the lowest airfares to Australia. If you fly on a Wednesday, you can also get affordable tickets.
  • Australian flights' costs are just barely affected by the time of day due to the extremely long distance. On the other hand, early departures are slightly less expensive than afternoon ones.


The frequency of Qantas sales is not fixed, however, they do run promotions all year round, especially during holidays and significant occasions. You may get the finest flight discounts and travel savings by being proactive, knowledgeable, and on the lookout for deals.