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How To Track My Lost Baggage At Turkish Airlines?

It can happen that your luggage is not at the airport when you arrive by airline. If they are misplaced, delayed, or damaged.

The airline will always assist you until your luggage arrives and will let you know if any of it is misplaced. They will also schedule a delivery time with you once they receive your luggage. You can trace the current location of your baggage online at Turkish Airlines' website till it arrives. To learn more about it, therefore, make sure to refer to the section below.

Process To Track Online The Lost Baggage:

Visit its official website.

Following that, you have to navigate to the page where you can track your baggage 

The tracking page will now appear, and you must enter the reference number along with your last name.

  • To view the most updated data on the new page, you must tap the check tab.
  • You can check the present where abuts of your misplaced belongings.
  • As a result, you can follow the luggage at any time until it arrives to check on its condition.
  • You can also get in touch with the customer support team if you are having trouble tracking the luggage online.

Thus, by following the above steps ,you can track down your lost baggage with the airline.

How To Contact The Turkish Airline For luggage?

By calling +1-844-231-5896, +1-800-874-8875, you can get in contact with the Turkish Airlines Lost and Found department. When the representative of the airline responds, you ought to elaborate on the circumstances and the specifics of the missing item. Your item's probability of being located increases with the amount of information you supply.

How To Find Lost Luggage At Istanbul Airport?

Turkish Airlines enables you the option to request and receive reimbursement for misplaced luggage. The baggage label you were provided with needs to be filled out in your name in order to file a claim for the misplaced items. Additionally, you can submit an application to the airline's lost and found department at the Istanbul airport. Once they receive your complaint, they will begin investigating the luggage. You may monitor the luggage online and receive the baggage within five days.

How Can I Claim Money For Lost Luggage?

In order to claim the compensation for your lost luggage from the airline. You must add here to the procedures listed below in order to understand the specific steps.

Visit its official website.

  • Then navigate to the contact us page of the airline.
  • Now, The complaint application can now be accessed
  • The passenger's name, contact information, and official email address must then be entered.
  • Continue by providing the flight information, including the date and time, and submitting the information.
  • After that, you have to compose your complaint and submit it in the designated box after filling out the luggage data.
  • Ultimately, you will receive a response from the luggage loss representative using the contact information provided.


You can obtain information regarding Turkish Airlines' delayed baggage by following the preceding approach. Suppose, however, that you can also get in touch with the airlines' official agents if you have any trouble receiving reimbursement. Numerous communication options are available to you, including live chat, phone calls, and email. They will assist you and provide you the finest solutions to your questions.

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