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What Is Turkish Airlines Policy For Changing Flights?

The flight change policy is the rules and regulations set by Turkish Airlines to make it easy for travellers to seek flight changes without causing any hassle. It aims to give its Customers an Unrivalled air travel experience. Life is unpredictable, and plans can change suddenly. so to make it easy for you, this airline has mapped out these policies so that passengers can make modifications to the much needed changes.

So, when your air journey plans change, it is essential to be familiar with the changes in flight policies. The Airline has many policies laid out to help the customers reach via the customer service person or make these changes by themselves. 

What Are The Terms & Conditions Of Turkish Airlines Flight Change?

Airlines are updating the terms & conditions from time to time. If you don’t have the details, then don’t worry; just take a look by reading the details below, and you will be up to date with its updated rules. 

According to the Turkish Airlines Flight Change Fees, if a passenger reserved a seat within 24 hours of reserving the seat, passengers can change the flight with no extra fee; perhaps if they modify the flight after 24 hours of reserving the seat, then they need to pay the fee or penalty.

  1. Your flight ticket must not be booked from any third party trip service provider source; otherwise, for any modifications, you are required to contact the same y third party trip service provider source where you reserved your seats.
  2. If you make a flight modification on the same day, your flight is expected to depart. Then, the Airline will charge you a modification penalty.
  3. It allows you to make a free flight date change only for one time if the journey date is within the validity period of the original Turkish flight ticket, also to the same city pairs, or to the nearest airport to the original point of disembarkation.
  4. In accordance with this, Turkish Airlines change flight policy. If there is less than 1 hour left for your air trip, then no modifications are allowed. This rule applies to all airclass and fare types.
  5. The Airline does not change domestic flights and the Republic of Northern Cyprus Ercan flights to international flights.

How To Reschedule My Turkish Airlines Flight?

Sometimes, passengers cannot take the flight on the decided date and time due to any issue. Here, they can reschedule flights without paying any extra charges. It is the best when it comes to making any modifications to a passenger’s ticket. In order to change your flight ticket date with Turkish Airlines, you need to know about the rescheduling policy and cost. Here, you need to Turkish Airlines customer service number, and he/she will assist you in rescheduling your trip. For this, you are needed to place the call at +1 844-231-5896, +1 800 874 8875

  • After calling the mentioned contact number, you are now required to listen to the IVR menu system and follow its commands.
  • To listen to and converse with the agent in your preferred language, you must first choose your spoken language for these requests. 
  • Just after selecting the language, you are now required to select the topic (reschedule topic )that you want to discuss with the available person.
  • When all the commands of the IVR menu system meet their requirements without any error, then your call will be redirected to the available agent, where you need to provide all the required documents. 
  • Then, you will get the solutions within a few moments.

What Should I Do If My Name Is Wrongly Listed On My Ticket?

If your name is wrongly listed on your air ticket, then you can modify your name easily by visiting the official web page of the airline, But before modifying your name, it is best to check the name change policy; otherwise, you might have to phase some issues at the time of your air trip. But if you don’t know the policy, don’t worry. Read the policies below.

Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy & Cost

Policies that help to correct your name:

According to the Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy & cost, If you want to correct more than 3 incorrect names, then you are required to pay the penalty.

  • Passengers are not authorized to replace a complete name, whether it is for domestic air trips or international air trips.
  • If the booking is made under non changeable policy, then you are not required to modify your name. 
  • You can change the name with the correct name (maximum 3 characters) if you modify your ticket within 24 hours of confirming your trip. If the 24 hour duration ends, then you need to pay some penalties. 
  • After knowing the policies, you are now able to replace the characters on your name. But if you don’t know the replacement procedure, then follow the steps below.

 Follow the procedures using the information below:

Here, you are required to visit the web page at and then click the “Manage” icon at the top of the home page.

  • Then, enter the managed booking number, reservation code, and last name of the passenger. 
  • Now, click on the retrieve booking tab.
  • When you tap on the retrieve booking tab, you will be able to see all the details of your reservation and make the modifications as per your preference that you want it. 
  • You must choose the option you wish to change here.
  • Then provide the amount if needed.

After completing all the details, you will receive a confirmation email from the airline in a few hours.

In conclusion, after reading all the above details, you know. have enough knowledge of flight change and name change policies and the procedure to replace your name and reschedule your trip by visiting its official web page or by connecting with its customer service agent.

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